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Pet Rehoming and Adoption Services

While we search for a new building, Safe Haven Humane Society temporarily has transitioned back to foster-based rescue. We're working on securing and training foster homes to house and rehabilitate the homeless pets in our care. We also have assisted with several private pet rehomings to ensure that these pets are finding their true forever families and are not being flipped from home to home or put into dangerous situations. Safe Haven Humane Society offers full vetting services and any necessary behavioral training to pets that are surrendered to us and completes background checks and interviews before carefully placing them with an adoptive family.  

Outreach and Education

Safe Haven Humane Society wants people to understand that PETS ARE FAMILY! We host community events that educate about responsible pet ownership, share the spay/neuter/adopt message, and provide updates on issues such as breed specific legislation, dog fighting, problems with puppy mills, and pet abuse and neglect.

Pets are Family Assistance Program

Safe Haven Humane Society doesn't just help the animals in our care. Our volunteers work hard to help all pets and people in our community! Safe Haven has developed the Pets are Family Assistance Program, which offers pet food and supplies, veterinary vouchers, gift certificates for professional dog training classes, and other resources to pet owners who need a little financial help to provide for their pets or services to overcome behavioral or training issues in order to keep their pets in their homes. Our goal is to keep pets with their families!

We're working for animals and people in our community!

Raise the Roof Capital Building Campaign 

Safe Haven Humane Society and Outreach Center was leasing a small office and shelter space in Howard, but our lease ended in May. We are now raising money and searching for a bigger, more functional, and more comfortable space to house the pets in our care. Our Raise the Roof Capital Building Campaign is a multi-faceted fundraising effort for the purchase, renovation, and maintenance of a permanent shelter building and grounds. The ultimate goal is for Safe Haven Humane Society and Outreach Center to open a full-service animal shelter building with indoor/outdoor kennel access and plenty of outdoor exercise areas for the dogs, as well as free roam rooms with window space and natural light for our cats and small mammals. 

In addition to the shelter, Safe Haven wants to have a separate space to house a community pet food pantry and educational programming space so we may assist struggling pet owners. These additional spaces will allow us to host outreach activities that will help people understand the root causes of pet homelessness and how they can help.


Providing a loving environment for surrendered and stray animals as they search for their forever homes, assisting current pet owners to permanently provide appropriate care for their animals, and engaging community members in the issue of pet homelessness

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